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**NEW** Group Tagging Function

Group Tagging

Hey everyone I wanted to show you something pretty cool that we’re implementing!

What is Group Tagging? Group Tagging allows us to create defined user groups of manually added members that gives us the ability to alert (via the @ sign) or message every single person associated with that group directly (via direct/private message.)

This will allow the reach to hundreds of members at once instead of individually.

Here’s an example, say if I’m coming on the site and I have an investment related question? I can tag @Investors and it will send an alert to currently 18 self identified investors that are part of Growers Network!

Another example, say if I wanted to reach out to all owners of dispensaries in a post? I tag @DispensaryOwners in my post and now 338 people are getting an alert that all dispensary owners were tagged in a message!

It’s very easy to use! Just type the @ sign and immediately after (no spaces,) start typing the group name and the system should auto-populate the best guess answer for you (or just type the whole thing out.)

Here is the current list of created groups. This list is subject to minor changes, so please check back from time to time to see if anything new has been added or updated!

Name of Group Group Tag
Master Growers @mastergrowers
Owner of Grow Operation @growopowners
Employee of Grow Operation @GrowOpEmployees
Caregiver @Caregivers
Owner of Dispensary @DispensaryOwners
Employee of Dispensary @DispensaryEmployees
Retail Cannabis Delivery @RetailCannaDeliv
Owner of Processing Facility @ProcessorOwners
Employee of Processing Facility @ProcessorEmployee
Owner of Laboratory @LabOwner
Employee of Laboratory @LabEmployees
Equipment Manufacturer @EquipManufacturers
Equipment Supplier @EquipSuppliers
Investor @Investors
Service Providers @ServiceProviders
Founding Members @FoundingMembers
Academic @Academic
Medical Professional @MedicalProfessionals
Distributors @Distributors
Thought Leader @ThoughtLeaders

Please note, currently all members have the ability to alert groups via tagging in a Topic or a Post.

Only members of a group may use group tagging in private/direct messages and only to other members of that group (so an investor may privately message the entire Investors group, but a member that is not an investor may not.)

Thanks everyone, feel free to tag me @Jordan if you need any further explanation on how this works and I hope this brings some better communication and innovation to the community!



As a side note, we may tweak the functionality of these tags based on how they’re used. :slight_smile: We want to keep the forums professional and people’s inboxes clean, so there may be some adjustment.


@baldguys ???


Ha! Good morning Randy!


I didn’t see an @distributor group. @Jordan is that an applicable group?


That’s a great idea! Let me have a think with the group on it and we’ll see if we can make that a possibility! We’ve already had some discussion of defining out groups even further (without it getting too messy/confusing.)