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New Grow Journal.. Updated veg Full Flower Tent

Lets Get 2020 ended and 2021 Started!!! Lol PLZ🙏
My small veg area exploded while waiting to go into flower… So this will Be interesting to see how they will be puzzeled into my flower tent One by One… Also I started a few Gelotos, got a sour D clone and reveging/cloning a strain I called rays super Gas
Here is My run Down:
Medium Coco Coir/Cley Pebbles
Fox Farms Nutrients for clones and large plants
Experiment with Nature’s Pride dry amendments for Gelato
PH always between 5.5-5.8
Lights Veg Amazon: MarsHydro 600 - Greengo 1200 - Bloomspect 1000 all Leds
FLOWER : MarsHydro TSL 2000 that loooong boy!!
Temps between 73-84 in veg 66-78 Flower


Lets Get 2020 ended and 2021 Started!!! Lol PLZ🙏

Cant agree more, but rate we are not in a for a power 2021 maybe more slow sluggish progress of the cards we have been dealt this dark year. But hey your grow is looking grand. Great growing.


Im loving the way this Blue Kush is Growing… Kinda looks like a Christmas Tree!!! 20 days from flip
No topping… no stress training… im just feeding her good!!!


Does look good. May I ask what growing medium you are using, I see clay pellets, you doing hydro?


looks peaceful in there! :innocent:

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No Hydro… Coco Coir mixed with cley pebbles… under the top it a 60%coco 40% cley pepples… I just put em on top to make it harder for the Gnats to get deep enough to lay eggs… Its an experiment that dosent seem to be working… But the cley pepples where free so…
And the ladies seem to like the extra air and drainage.

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I believe its very hard to get clay pellets now, I used to know them as LECA. Your medium is very inert, the nothingness, it should be a great medium in reality. Its the reason I like soil so much, just easy to work with.

I like to keep things simple. Only real issues i have is that the ladies are vary needy… If cal-mag is of i will know vary quick, Nitrogen deficiencies show with hours it seems… So if im not paying attention I stunt growth vary easly… and it soo noticeable… Its like they go on strike untill i get it right!! Lol

Shed Renovations In Progress… Ditching the tent for more space in Flower… Coming from a 2x4 Tent… Into a 4 x 10 Area just for flower…
Divided the shed with Black Plastic sheeting…Doubled… Hung Lightes From Over head Rafters… Once im done… Im flowering all my big plants and starting More…
Had to take a break… Lights dont come on till 10… so im at a standstill till then… Pics OTW

More Space and the Ladies are taking Offf!!!

Bad new… had my first experience with bud rot and mildew… hopefully the last…
Good news… only one bud was effected… a big ass bud but only one…
I flowered this plant too long im sure… then humidity in the flowering room spiked cuz the AC went out…
Checked all the other ladies vary close and they are clear… but soo devastating

Harvested Afghan and Biscotti #2(last if bag seeds and the one that got bud rot…

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