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New grow,,,,what soil medium have you had best results with?

Have used pro-mix for years…just curious about newer/better products?


What kinda soil are you interested in?

We should probably start with do you wanna keep using synthetic nutrients or do you want to do some organic growing?

If you wanna keep it simple like me…I want to do organic but don’t want to “build” my soils, so I choose organic soils that are “ready to go” so to speak like this

This is actually a “living coco” which has sparked my interest for my next grow.

Right now im using Sohum Living Soils

I know @Ladithief and @hoppiefrog could probably help you if you wanted to build your soils and @myfriendis410 can help with coco growing mediums



Welcome to GN @bobbytt1 :grin: we are so glad you are here!


I have been using destiny also I hear kryptonite is good as you just water you don’t need to feed.

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Thank you!

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Only have a few grows under my belt but I’ve used fox farm ocean forest and extra perlite every time and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a pretty hot organic soil so I don’t have to feed for a while which saves a bit of money.


That’s a pretty good watch if you have some time to kill. Shows a really nice outdoor grow and then a medium expo along with a tour of royal gold soils.