New grow with an Oldguy

Happy Sunday funday folks. :partying_face:

Kids are all doing well in the garden. :wink:


Creepy crawly caramel auto.

Melted strawberries

Sour D.

Topped Durban Poison.

Sour D x2.

Topped Durban.

Untopped Durban.

Maui :cherries::bomb:

Special Queen #1.


Overall they’re doing quite well. A few slug bit leaves but nothing to be too concerned about.
Certainly nothing to warrant any chemical sprays.:wink: :+1:

And had an unexpected visitor in the area yesterday. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Flying large circles over the valley. :roll_eyes:
Good thing I’m legal. :wink:
First I’ve seen them fly since Covid started.
Hope they got some good pics. :joy:

And out on the mountain the clones are doing fantastic. :+1:

The big girl is a Maui :cherries::bomb: topped mother.
Coming back around after her rough start with the wind and weather. :wink:

And a peaceful evening pic over the valley as the sun dips behind the trees. :blush:

Guess that’s all for now. :thinking:

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Stay safe and lit folks. :pray:



@oldguy what a cool grow, love it man!


Super looking plants and thank you for a look at your grow :slight_smile:

some day I will be able (god Willing) to say I am Legal

right now I say I counted six :wink:

all the best and grow big



@papajerry @dequilo
Thank you very much gentlemen. :pray:



Been a lil busy of late.
The girls have started drinking more and it caught me a bit unaware. :man_facepalming:
Couple of them are showing the effects of said drying out. :man_shrugging:

Sour Diesels with lots of yellowing going on.
Got some thinning out to get to in a bit.

Canopy shot with Durban poison in back.

Here they are from the front side.

Special Queen #1

Maui :cherries::bomb:. Def needs some extensions on the stakes. Need the ladder for that one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GDP. Just starting to transition.

The littles. :grin:
AOC /Candy Dropz on left. Creepy crawly caramel auto from @repins12 and Melted Strawberries on right. She’s Really shot up over the last week. :+1:

And a pic from the mtn.

Bottles are eye savers and they help keep the birds from leaving :poop: all over the plants. :wink:

Hope you all have a fantastic start to your week.
Stay safe and lit folks. :pray:



You my friend are on your way to some super nice buds :slight_smile:

thank you for a look at your grow

all the best and be safe



Thank you very much.
Appreciated my friend. :pray:



@oldguy You sir have an incredible garden, I don’t think I could smoke all that in one year, … but I’d like to try!


@papajerry Thank you very much good sir.
Honestly I don’t think I could smoke it all in a year either. At least not as flower. :joy:
A lot of this will be turned into hash for pressing some rosin if all goes as planned.
Looking into some plates and a controller for a press I’m getting geared up. :wink:

Have a safe and lit one. :pray:



But being hard working as you are :slight_smile:

I know you will do you best


Wait … Explain the bottles? They sit and shit on them instead? They keep em away? Plop a couple of them fakes owls around …LoL I don’t buy that. I’d like to hear wrong tho! That is a site for anyone of us man. A cup of :coffee: in the morning with smells a loft … Oh my baby rhinos… that be something. Such a splendid delight you bestow upon us!


It’s interesting…if birds are a real issue for you there seems to be a pretty good solution we see employed in commercial crops like grapes and sunflower crops.

Here in the valley, friggin starlings can wreak havoc on these crops.

Anyway, they will attach 8-10 six feet long red/silver mylar flagging tape strands and attach them to the top of a 10ft wooden pole. They space these a couple hundred feet apart around the field.

All that flashing light/color freakes the flocks out and they won’t come near it !!!


The constant noise of the bottles rattling helps keep them from landing on the sticks.
And if they do attempt it then the bottles spin and they fall off. :man_shrugging:
Hey man. All I know is it works. :joy:
No bird shit on the plants. :grin::+1:



Even tho this is a legal grow there’s still a need for a bit of stealth and this was a cheap and easy solution.
They also keep the eyeballs in the head if you get a poke reaching into the plant. :wink:
Safety first. :grin:
Thanks for the info tho Bob. Appreciated. :pray:


Oh my goodness grace-us! (Just made that up) good right! But I would absolutely die if you’d Grace us by setting up some of them inflatable flailing arm guys. If red friggen streamers keep em away I bet 2 or 3 of them 20’ tall wobbling blow up dudes would work wonders. Plus keep you unwittingly entertained when in a stoned stupor. :rofl: Shit I won’t lie. Watching them things flail about is a favorite past time for moi. You can’t help but be in a better mood when eying one for a while. But so much for the incognito grow. Lol