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New Grower. HELP!

Hello people I’m new here and new to growing.
I’m gonna grow outdoors and I’m from India. And where my place is I get 26 to 32 degree Celsius and the humidity is around 40-60 %
So which strain do you suggest and is it good to grow them at this nature.


It sounds like you have a very optimal sunny climate which would allow you to grow many strains. A random beginner recommendation would be chocolope, ak47, sour diesel

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You need to select strains suited to your environmental conditions.
If you are in India, look at your latitude, Thai strains are likely best. That humidity, and conditions would also be similar to Hawaiian conditions. As in mold resistance, sativa strains do best.
Look for strains that might be promising and try several, you’ll find the right one quickly.
Don’t forget to keep us updated, I’d guess with those conditions, you’ll get a large plant.

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Ak47 was my choice too , thanq and will keep you posted.

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Thank you so much for a positive reply. Will definitely try it and keep you in line about the process.

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where about latitude wise so as not to give you location away… basically I can’t grow Chocolope outdoors as it is a longer flowering strain…I did once and was really good it just couldn’t finish as it was getting ready to snow… but if you don’t get much below 10C you would be fine and yes it is an easy strain…


It never gets below 25 that’s the place I’m in. And sure I’ll try out the strain.

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Chocolope will grow phenomenally for you… a nice cantelope haze x chocolate thai… one of my all time favourites… ILGM has phenomenal genetics on this strain…