New grower switching to Coco from soil

Hey everyone! I’m on my third grow and really wanted to get nutrient mixing down so I can get the most out of my plants. I’ve been using FFOF/perlite but am switching to a Coco/Perlite mix and using Ventana Plant Science nutes.

What I’m using:
RO System
7 Gal fabric pots (should i go smaller?)
Growing Autos from Mephisto
Ventana Plant Science nutrients

What are some things i should be keeping an eye out for? I understand I’ll have to water more often, but if I water more than once a day do I add nutrients every time or just the first time?


Hi @thedavidpaul and welcome to GN.

Good going and thanks for the information. That is a a great nutrient product that can be purchased from You can also download the suggested feeding chart on the link below.

We have a couple members using the product already and you should look into their grows to see how they are doing it.

Lets see if @mike.c can help us out with some advice.

Hope that helps and welcome again.


I use Grobuckets, however I think @sssportsmfg and @PreyBird1 and a couple of other growers can give you some help with the fabric bags! Welcome to the forum! Update I would suggest feeding once a week and watering as needed with pH’ed water as needed.


Thanks @nacho151 and @chrisj ! I’ve had an amazing run so far!

I’m now running six 3.5 Gal buckets with an auto water manifold system from thebucketcompany. These nutes, FAR-Red lighting and the information you and everyone else here has been so incredibly helpful!

My one question is on FlahVUH. It’s run out really fast. I’ve been following the VPS line 100%, I have a 5 gallon reservoir with 4 gallons in there and refilling 3x a week. I’m in week 3 of flower so 3ml per gallon is 12mL for me right? I’m using the 4x FlaVUH but I’m practically out. I have messed up a batch or two during veg by messing up the auto watering schedule (ran for too long). I feel like I’m missing something very basic. If I’m overwatering or watering too often the plants would tell me right?

Or am I doing everything right and the small bottle just isn’t’ enough for me, I didn’t know it was coming in an 4oz bottle when I ordered.