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Hello, Hello! Hope everyone is well! I’m here to learn, network, and hone my skills! My goal is to own my own ORGANIC Cannabis dispensary in INDIANA when it becomes legal. I’ve been honing my skills and learning about the business for the last 3 years. However grows that I’ve done I’ve used the synthetic minerals. I don’t have the first idea of organically grown cannabis at the commercial level. But I want to learn! Any info is most appreciated!


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Read as much as you can here in the forums and also have a look at

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First things first if your going to go all organic you need to look into the right organic products :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:… I’m a firm believer you choose what’s best for you so I won’t push any products but everyone here I’m sure will help you out… start a thread show everyone your grow :+1:


Welcome to the forum @TimSmith! I’m not so sure about the commercial level but you may start with the question what is the definition of “organic” in the commercial agricultural level. I’ve learned here that there are different types or definitions of organic and when it comes to pest management what remedies are ok to use.


Well I want what’s best for the consumer. in the end I want to have an organic plant but be able to have comparable yields to those found with synthetics. From what research I’ve done it’s possible, I’m just trying to find out how.

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The main difference between organic and synthetic (salt based) fertilizers is quality vs quantity. With organic you gain quality and loose quantity and vice versa with synthetic. If organic produced the same yields no one would use synthetic fertilizer. Synthetic is fully water soluble and uptakes into plants without the need to be broken down into smaller particles thus it being immediately available to the plants, organic can not do this. This is why synthetic will typically have 30% or more yield than organic, those that tell you that you can have the same yield with synthetics are not correct, it’s about science and how the root systems uptake nutrients. So, you have to make the decision on what is more important to you while keeping in mind this is for a commercial setting. Will the end product garner a higher enough price to offset the difference in loss of production to justify switching to organic. The key is just start using off the shelf organic fertilizers, but don’t switch your whole crop at once. I’d split it between what you are used to using and the other half organic. That way you have a control and can compare your results. Good luck!