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New Indoor Auto Grow

Hey Pals! Life is good down in 8A (Virginia), and I hope you’re having a great autumn, too. I am a very new grower. Have just wrapped first outdoor season, and now I’m going to start learning about growing inside, in a tent. Here’s my setup.

Vivosun 4’ by 2’ tent
SF 2000 (cheaper than an ounce from my plug)
Vivosun 4” duct fan
Couple small fans
Vivosun carbon filter (huge)

I’m growing my plants in FFOF soil with a lot of extra perlite inside 3-gallon fabric pots. This time, I’m growing three autoflowering strains—Sour Kush (Growers Choice), Lemon (Seedsman), and Gorilla Cookies (Fast Buds). I germinated them all via a quick soak in water followed by a day in wet paper towel. They’ve all emerged above the soil. Right now, I have the light at 40%, just about 18” above the seedlings.

My tent is inside my garage, which is only minimally climate controlled. Right now, my temp is around 65f, and my relative humidity is around 60%.

I’m concerned that, as the winter gets colder, I may need to find solutions to raise the temp in the tent. For now, I’m running my duct fan at low speed so the air heated by the light can hang out in there as long as possible. Is that dumb? Lol!

I have enjoyed this community a ton as I’ve begun learning how to grow cannabis. Looking forward to learning from you all in this journal, too. Hope you all have a great day!


Nice. As you increase the intensity of your light your temperature is going to climb also. So if you were to want your temperature inside the tent to be higher now you could raise your light up a foot and turn it up to 50% or so maybe even 60. It kind of depends on how big your seedlings are. Could you throw a picture of them up?


Thanks so much for this idea. Seems so obvious, but I’d have never thought of it. Temp is high right now, bc we are having a 75f, very warm November day. As you’ll see, the seedlings are BABY baby. :slight_smile:


I would highly recommend getting an AC infinity 6 inch duct fan with a controller. This will more than likely take care of all your temperature issues, as long as it doesn’t get above like 80 outside. It automatically turns on and off. Go to their website and look it up. As far as I know they’re the quietest and best fan out there and with the controller it can really help a lot of issues depending on your situation. How cold is it going to get in the middle of winter. You might need a small heater if the temperatures get too low in your garage during the lights out period.
I think you can ask anybody who has an AC Infiniti fan and they’ll tell you how good they are. They do cost more but they’re worth it.

I looked back and see you have all 4 inch fan filter and ductwork. You could just get an AC infinity four-inch fan with a controller.


I have the 4” AC Infiniti w controller in the trunk of my car. :slight_smile: I knew my fan was the weak link! Hydro store owner is a good guy. I’m glad I found him (thanks to your recommendation, Happ).

It’s going to get down to 40f in the garage this winter. I will need to have a small heater on hand, in case I can’t finesse it with light/dark/fan controller. I’m seeing several for less than $50, and they seem safe.

My plants are growing quickly under the SF 2000. But two of the stems are turning awfully purple. I assume this is low temps, low RH, or some combo. What do you think? Will a bucket of water in the tent make a difference in terms of RH?

Hope it’s a happy Friday for all!

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Yes at 40f I think your going to need some supplemental heat especially during light off. I also love ac inf fans I have 4 looking to get a 5th soon

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I would think an oil filled radiating heater would be the safest. But there still fairly big.

Now me being me, I tend to multipurpose things and I think I have an idea that might work for you if your temperature is only getting down to 40 at night. I have this little tiny heater that I use to cure the Apoxsee on fishing rods that I build in the winter. It’s a fairly simple device. But for that space I think it would work. Here’s a picture of what it is and where to get it. It’s only 20 bucks.

It’s about the size of a cell phone but thicker.

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