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New Insight into the Cannabis Genome Will Be Shared at CannMed 2018

In our latest CannMed 2018 speaker interview, Kevin McKernan provides some exciting insights into the cannabis genome.

In the video below, McKernan reveals that the Medicinal Genomics team has already surpassed the standard set by the Human Genome Project in 2001. Although their analysis isn’t complete, the team has already determined that CBDA Synthase and THCA Synthase are located on the same stretch of sequence and the total size of the cannabis genome is approximately 1 billion bases long.

These new insights into the cannabis genome have implications across the entire cannabis industry. For example, researchers will be able to better identify markers for cannabinoid and terpenoid synthesis. Regulators and distributors will also be able to build a better system for categorizing and fingerprinting strains.


You guys are so badass over there at Medicinal Genomics!

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Wow Really interesting piece here! I’m a firm believer myself in the Crypto market! I think it’s going to play a huge role in the upcoming years with Cannabis!


I suspect (and hope) @PatrickKane might be right here!

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No doubt. There are so many intersections between the two industries, many of which we will be exploring at CannMed 2018!