New member 1st time growing

Hoping to learn from everyone. This will be my first time growing. Decided on a 4x4 tent with a ECO Farm ECOZ 510 watt led light. Hope I chosen a decent led light to start with. Plan on using Royal Gold Tupur & compost for my growing media, using Dr Earth fertilizer. I will be growing some Grandaddy Purple & Silver Haze


Hello @yogi420

Welcome to the Growers Network. We are glad to watch you grow. Post as much info as you can on your grow. Such as lighting, soil, ph, nutes and nute schedules, ec, rh, room or tent sizes, your areas weather outside even helps with recommendations to aid your grow.

The arrow on the flat box on the lower right allows you to post pics. Post lots of pics! We love to watch. A year later and its a crazy useful tool to go over what you would change in your growing setups.

The site is very easy to utilize. You have the search magnifying glass button in the right corner above. You type in anything your curious about and it will generate all the threads that have your query.

These threads never disappear. They just move down the que until someone posts on it and then it moves back to the top of the list. They never delete unless manually erased. You will use this as your room. You can delete or change anything you want here. Even the title of your room. As much as you want. Remember we are smokers so we do become forgetful lol.

Be respectful of others threads. Don’t photobomb or randomly talk on others threads unless thats what the thread owners do. Just go with the flow.
You can delete posts if anyone bombs your thread as well. If you desire.

Have fun and network with all of the beautiful Growers Network Family. We love that you are here with us now.


Welcome to GN! Hope to see and hear a lot more from you in the future. Good luck.