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New Member - Craft Organic Micro Grower!

@docdre I’m looking for Road Kill Skunk.

I’ve got:


  • 6 mil
  • Freebird
  • Munson
  • Skunkband V2
  • Granny Skunk
  • Local Skunk

Nature Farm Genetics

  • Corpse Flower

Once I get the closest thing to RKS, I’ll capture that cut and move on to DJ short grow

  • Blueberry
  • First Light
  • Flo

I’ve also got a bunch of Swami Strains I need to run.

What do you have going?


How many of each are you going to run from each?
Well I have:
3 Purple Punch (flowering)
1 Hash Plant (revegging)
1 Lemon Haze (revegging)
1 Grandaddy Purple (revegging)
2 Blueberry (seedling topped at node 4 on 25/12/19)
2 White Widow x Cheese (seedling topped at node 4 on 25/12/19)
2 Charlotte’s Web (seedling topped at node 4 on 25/12/19)
Growing living organic soil outdoors


6 mil and Freebird only 4 of each. All the rest besides Granny skunk 13 of each. Granny Skunk 23.

I’m doing indoor and outdoor.

You have a nice line up. I grew some killer GDP this season outdoors.


@docdre what state are you in?

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Damn I wish i had the room y’all do lol my veg tent is currently way overgrown with fire strains with no where to flower lol

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@MK3_Pharms for road kill skunk… it’s Texas road kill but road kill…


I have 2 outdoor 4’x4’ raised boxes I grow in, plus a few asst pots.

A couple of photos from this years grow.


Thanks ladithief.

I spoke to Wes at shoreline and he said his East coast sour D was the “loudest” strain he had. I bought some cuttings from him, but they didn’t make it.

He does have Texas Roadkill but I got the impression that it’s not the “roadkilly”.


Sounds cool…never had that one before :slight_smile:

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South Africa

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I’m in a security complex. So the flat (apartment unit) doesn’t have enough space for a indoor tent. But I do have a converted (diy) bedside cabinet that I used for my seedlings. But the last 6 seedlings did better starting directly outside. So I’ll use it maybe again before spring, to get some seedlings up in time for spring (Sept 2020)

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Right on Bru!

Mom is watching my indoor tent while I’m in New Mexico. I live in Southern California.

Here is a photo she sent.


Mom is doing good :muscle:


As the French say, “a dog does not make a cat”(wife is French).


Ha ha she’s right!!
My mom takes care of mine too…


Im mad excited for swamis cherry bomb i got a pack from a buddy on here!!


I’ve got a bunch of Swami packs. Going through Duke Diamonds first then I need to decide Swami or DJ short.


I changed up my watering system. I didn’t like how drippers didn’t keep my mulch layer moist so I installed sprayers a few inchs above the mulch sprayer down every few hours. Working great so far, this method seems much more efficient and I can tell parts of the soil that weren’t moist before are now


Nice hack!

Loving the Alfalfa hay you have top dressed, that’s a great addition to keep your soil living it’s best life mon