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I am new to the site and industry as well. I am co-owner of Diamond of Jamaica, a cultivation operation based on Jamaica with a pending license to grow either CBD, Hemp or THC plants. We are in the process of searching for buyers and by the time the license is approved we till have product available in less than a year. Our strength is the low labor cost added with the high quality soil of Jamaica that can be grown outdoors year around. The 12 hours of natural sunlight is ideal after the flowering period. I would like to open this discussion for any advise on buyers and the shipping process as well.


Hi @diamond0jamaica
Welcome to GN and thank you for the introduction. I have shared your post to a couple Canadians I know working in the area. Hope they join and connect with you. Keep us updated to your progress.


That sounds great Chris, I was very interested in working with Canada as well.

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@chrisj Look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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