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New product update from CannaKen. All cannabis business owners, partners and key employees should read this!

Do you own a cannabis business? Or are you a ‘Key Employee’? Do you have a business partner or partners?

Hi, I am Ken Kaufman but a lot of folks call me ‘CannaKen’, your choice. I am the founder of CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial solutions. I started these companies 2 years ago this month. One is to assist the cannabis user get approved for life insurance with admitted use. No MMJ card is required and cannabis does not have to be legal in one’s state. The other is to assist a cannabis business do succession planing like ‘main stream’ businesses do if an owner, partner or key employee were to unexpectingly die.

   (This is so important if you own or are a partner or 'key employee' (master grower etc.)

We work with a few select life insurers that are 420 friendly. One has even made certain ‘mainstream’ uses of life insurance in business planning available (on a case by case basis) to the cannabis business community. A business checking account is not used. Tax returns would be needed. I state this up front so there are no surprises should we talk. I am in my 32nd year in financial services not counting the 6 years I worked for a major Wall Street , NY bank. I bring to the cannabis business community not only my 32 year’s of experience, knowledge, honesty (NO complaints ever filed against me) and integrity to everything I do, but I have the best 420 life insurer connections in the life insurance industry in our portfolio of insurers.

We can now assist your cannabis business to go on growing even should the owner, founder or one of your companies key employees not. We now have financial planning tools and solututions that were not available before. First, a cannabis business ‘Key Man’ policy (company receives funds upon the death of a ‘Key’ employee or owner/partner). Secondly, a cannabis business ‘Buy-Sell’ agreement can now be funded with a life insurance policy (s) . This makes the life insurance proceeds available to a business or partner(s) to buyout the share of a deceased owner. This would be instead of the deceased’s family getting involved in the day to day running of the business. Usually, not advisable. Please read the following flyer and if you have any questions or want a free no obligation quote please give me (Ken Kaufman also known as ‘CannaKen’ ) a call. I can be reached anytime from 9am - 8pm-est at 623-977-3411.

Thank you.
[email protected]



    Do not let your insurance needs go up in smoke!
       What can we offer your Cannabis business?

 ‘Key Person’ Life Insurance on a cannabis business owner
or a ‘KEY’ employee. This is very new to the industry!
 Buy/Sell Life Insurance for cannabis business owners and
partnerships. HOT!!! This is very new to the industry!
 Group Health and Life Insurance.
 Supplemental Employee Benefits (payroll deduction).

My name is Ken Kaufman, but some of you may know me as CannaKen. In my 30+ years of industry experience, I have assisted countless business owners and individuals in planning for the future goals and needs of both their families and businesses with solutions tailor made for each specific situation. As the founder of both CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial Solutions, we are now able to assist you in the CANNABIS industry as well!

       For additional information, please contact us:
       Phone:  Ken at 877-468-6584
       Email:  [email protected]