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New Research to Begin on Cannabis and Metabolic Disorders

Big Tobacco is privately funding research into the impact cannabis has on certain metabolic disorders – think Type II diabetes here – through its Disease Research program and the University of California Riverside.

$744K in funding will allow for research on the metabolic homeostasis of glucose on health. Researchers have theorized that the endocannabinoid system has a far greater impact on regulating metabolic processes than previously believed.

What do you think the research will show? What impact do you think the UC Riverside research might have on the developing cannabis industry?

Here’s a link to an article about this study from UCR:


I think it is interesting because everyone has a sort of metabolic imbalance to a degree. It is also interesting that they explain it is known that the small intestines and pancreas are known targets of cannabinoids, as we are beginning to learn there is a connection between bacteria in the gut and mental dysfunctions (i.e. Depression). - []

I would like for in the future there to be cannabis products which can specifically target biological dysfunctions which result in mental disorder. Studies like this can help us begin to understand the craft of optimizing this plant as a true medicine.

Very exciting.