New seedlings stretching

I have some new seedlings I transferred into soil dixie cups 2 days ago and have them under a 600 watt halide about 3 ft away. They seem to be stretching a bit too much. Should I move the light closer to help out?



Google says a 600 watt halide should be between 10 and 21 inches from the plant. I run led so just trying to help.


Do you have any airflow on the seedlings? I find having a fan going can help strengthen the stem a bit


I moved the light a bit closer to about 2 ft. I have an Air cooled hood, so not much heat to worry about. I also added some more soil to the cups to help support better.

Air flow on the seedlings, no. Good idea ,I will set one up in a few mins.

thanks guys!


too much stretch is killing my seedlings- it ends up a thread like connection rather than a normal green supporting stem. Not even getting tall enough for the fan mode they simply fall over. maybe I am letting he root get too long before putting them in my peat plugs? I read up to 1/2 inch root then plant. right? I hate to lose these little devils before they can get started.


It sounds like they are damping off. But it’s hard to tell without any information. Why don’t you start a journal post some pictures can work on your problem there.


will do on the next seeds

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