New Senate bill would legalize marijuana nationwide and expunge criminal records for possession



its prob going to pass this year. i expect. go into effect 2020.



My money is on Trump changing the game.
Either way, they had no right to criminalize Cannabis in 1937, Marihuana as they called it to get it in under the radar so they could remove competition from the new synthetic textile industry and big-pharma. Call me a purist!.



Do you expect Trump to legalize via executive action in a last ditch attempt to get re-elected?

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No my expectations are not for him to seek re-election. Remember he said thirty years ago. He would do the job if called. He doesn’t want the job never did. He will legalize because he sees their is a lot of cash in it. Even more then his real estate. We don’t even know how much cash will be generated if we go fully legal. Let’s not forget he is a business man and will be continuing that after he is done in office. Legalizing isn’t for the people. It’s for business. It’s for :dollar:



My ideal outcome would be for Congress to repeal the underlying Marhuana Tax Act of 1937 which would restore balance in a number of areas, but that won’t happen.

I believe it was put on the schedule by Congress through that Act, but it’s implemented by regulation so he probably could.

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