New strains, new medium, new method

Switch to rockwool on my second grow. Did dwc on first and want to try something different. Just transplanted these clones, monster profit on the left and Bruce Banner on the right. They were started in rockwool starters and placed in soil in a solo cup. I put them in Hugo cubes 7 days ago. I let them dry out for a few days to promote root growth then started watering 70ml each once a day with 150ppm nutes. They are under 2 x viparspectra v300s at 24", 72° in the tent, water is kept at 68°. Ph is at 6.8. I have done a lot of research on watering rockwool but for some reason it doesnt make a lot of sense to me. My girls are drooping and I can’t tell if it’s just transplant shock or I am over or under watering. Any advice?


Rockwool watering can be a bit complicated.

The rule of thumb is 4-7% of the volume of the rockwool every watering, with runoff occuring about 4 hours after lights on, or when the water content drops below 50%.

The Hugo should get about 200mL per watering.

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How much air is going in, and how high is your water levels?

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Not sure how to measure how much air is going in. Fan is on constantly bring in new air. Humidity is 50% inside the tent.

Let me rephrase, how much air is being pumped in to the water? The water should look like a rolling boil, there’s so much air.

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Massive amounts! 2 pumps and stones in a 5 gal bucket. Does look like a serious boil


Chatted with someone last night and found I was under watering and need to add in nutes. Added a fresh bucket with nutes last night and I’m going to water twice as much. We will see where they go from here!