New Thread: Would This Be Useful? WTBU?

Everyone has their own reasons for doing Grow Journals and when I don’t have any open research queries (read: things I like to fuck with), I used to do pictorials that are analogous to your Grow Journals here, I would do it to illustrate and or prove a point, demonstrate a principle, etc.

Is this latter reason OK for this place? If so I would like to get public input yay or nay on one I propose for “next time”. I have already proved most of the important stuff I was curious about and there seems to be alot of talk about autoflowers here. What I propose is a repeat of another grow I did years ago, using plain ole plain ole strain seeds (IOW not special or autoflower seeds) and perform a 12/12 from seed grow, just to publically demonstrate the process and results. I think many of the readers here might find that fascinating and depending on the grower, one helluva money saver…

Idea is to take say 2-3 common strains of feminized seeds and grow them under the 12/12 From Seed model as I understand it. This would document and highlight the differences between a normal grow, an autoflower grow and a 12/12 from seed grow, monitoring vegging, blooming, yield and overall quality of medicine. This is a technique every medical grower should know, IMO.

So is a grow journal like that cool for this place?


@lbdwarrior. Yes I would like to see that always nice to compare. You could even throw another variable into the equation and do a 12-1 auto grow and get results of three methods.

12-1 Gas Lantern Routine