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New to Cannabis Industry

Hello everyone,

Per the title, I am entirely new to the Cannabis Industry. With the advent of legalization in Oklahoma I have decided to start a Grow Operation, I personally feel Cannabis is a great alternative medicine and would love to help supply consumers with high quality natural remedies.

That being said I would like to pick your brains, I am open to any and all suggestions/tips/information. I have a small list of particular topics I am interested in but wasn’t sure where to begin so I figured the grow side would be the best place to start.

My current plan is to start with 2 greenhouses, a flowering room with about 1500 Sq. foot and a flowering room with roughly 1000. Are greenhouses recommended for the climate in Oklahoma?(Huge temperature swings from winter-summer) Are my dimensions roughly adequate or will I need more of one or the other?

Would you recommend a fresh start up to begin with seeds or clones? Which strains are new grower friendly and also valuable to the medicinal clientele?

The goal is to hire a knowledgeable master grower to teach me for about 2 harvests, would it be better to simply hire a consultant?

I have many more questions but I would like to dig through this site some more to avoid double questions.

Thank you in advance,



Hey @DeterdingGrowers,
We wish you good luck with your endeavor.
It’s a good idea to keep in mind that controlling humidity is a major concern for Cannabis growers. As leaders in dehumidification and climate control we regularly contribute to “Growers Network spotlight”. We recommend that you check several articles about the subject. A good one to begin with is:
Feel free to contact us.

Good luck!



I can answer most of your questions as I’ve been a consultant/grow instructor for 9 years in CO. I’m currently planning a farm in OK as well. Depending on your background & goals and if you understand the strength-in-numbers concept, I may have a strong opportunity for you. Too busy to back-&-forth type here so call to discuss: 203-621-4797.



Glad to hear about some new Greenhouses in Oklahoma! We are the third family to own our 10 acre greenhouse operation in Oklahoma. It has been in continuous production since 1892.

If you have any questions give me a shout.



Hi Tommy have you made any progress?


I would tell you if you want to start correct. researcn your genetics you want to grow. Cuts will save you time. Hopefully the Cut Pheno is true. I tend to prefer seed. As you can then hunt Phenos. You might want to message me and find out about my seed menu.

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