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New to GN, just saying hello

hello everyone, first post here just saying hi and getting to new the forums. im new here and very much interested in growing. bought a couple of seeds about 4 years ago and never planted them due to constant travel i eventually lost them :frowning: anyways i wanna start growing about 3 plants for personal use and was researching resources when i found GN so here i am…

Im based in europe and been a consumer for almost 11 years now i love cannabis and hopefully sometime in the future i could start growing professionally if the laws here allow it, laws are horrible here right now and i cant figure out how to do it legally on a large scale here in europe. anyways enough about me, id love to get to know you guys so whats up.


Welcome to GN. No better time than the present to get your feet wet and start growing. Not sure if that saying works around the world lol. Tons of info here!


thanks @dunbar . ive been reading some stuff around the forums looks like a really friendly and helpful place im really liking GN…


@star0s welcome to the forum! This is the best place on the internet. Bar none! If you need help from somebody just put the @ front there name.


Hi @star0s

Welcome to GN. Glad you found us, like @preybird1 says. Shout if you have questions.


Welcome. I don’t know much about growing in Europe but for general growing info this is the place to be. Very helpful people here and tons of experience no matter what type of growing you want to do. Check out the grow journals for a sense of what’s available.


Oh I have been lurking around the journal threads, seen some awesome stuff so far…thanks for welcomez guys :slight_smile:…ive been wondering are there any members here from outside the USA ? I haven’t seen any threads/posts or users from outside the US (maybe I just missed them?)


Welcome, check out @jessi23 Secret Microgrow thread.


There are a number of people from around the world. I don’t believe any journals are specifically marked that way. But if you read through a few of the threads it’s mentioned a few times people living elsewhere.