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New to growing question

I have a 5x9 gorilla tent, two gavita 1700e led with a ac infinity T8 with super soil as my soil. My goal is to pull 3 pounds what size pots and how many pots would it take


While a bigger pot means a bigger plant, that doesn’t particularly mean that the plant will have a larger yield. You’ll have more bud sites/nodes but the genetics are what ultimately decide your yield. You can have a 5gl pot and the plant only puts out an ounce or two because the buds aren’t dense. To answer your original question though, if you had 5-6 high yielding plants in 3-5 gl pots you may get the results you’re looking for, just know that ultimately genetics will decide your yield.


Also, good lights/light coverage/light penetration determine all that as well but mostly genetics still


2 gallon smart pots filled with coco…more feeds bigger buds. Hope this helps


One gallon of dirt for every foot of height.

8 plants per 4x4…you can fit a extra row of plants with the space you have. start your plants of in 3 gallons for you to have the right dry period so you can feed it more often… led lights work the leafs alot more… more feeding are (usually) required. but before flowering transplant in 5 gallon pots. it will be prefect as long as you’re using good nutrition and maintaining your environment at the right specs