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New to the Group. Craft Cannabis Micro Cultivation located in Fournier, Ontario

Hi guy’s,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Vincent and we are currently building our micro cultivation facility that will be finished by the 2nd week of March.

We are using an Olympia Steel Pre Engineered structure that will hold our office, meeting room, drying, trim, package rooms as well as a grow room where we will start our plants, a small laboratory room, storage vault and of course a storage room.

Company is Green Culture Verte Inc, and will be a very small team consisting of my Master Grower ( Mike) and myself.

On the outside of the building, we will have 3 greenhouses/hoophouses 12’ wide by 90’ long, which will enclose a 8’x85’ canopy space. Each of those greenhouse/hoophouse will have end wall framing in order to control as much of the environment as we can. Ventilation fans, UVB lights and CO2 systems will also be in place.

In terms of our cannabis growing method, we will be growing an organic cannabis, grown in living soil beds, that total our entire canopy space. Cannabis will be fed with compost teas ( actually feeding the soil and not the cannabis because this how a living soil system works. ). We will be creating a living ecosystem where micro-bacterial life will thrive to which we will be transplanting our cannabis in a soil food web that will improve year after year as micro bacterial/fungi life will continue to develop and expand.

Here are a little construction progress pictures;

This is our current state, currently getting our floor thawed out as we are pouring our slab on the 12th or 13th of February.

Looking forward to exploring the Growers Network Forum.


Looking great! Congrats on receiving your licence and getting ready to start production!


Licences are just awarded once the entire building is complete and a Site Evidence Package is sent to Health Canada, with the rest of your paperwork of course.


Very interesting?!?! I am so interested in micro propogation. I will be trying to do my own at home. I love the high tunnel hoop greenhouse’s amazing. I have my own high tunnel and i love it. Greenhouses are the wave of the future and coupled with tissue cultivation amazing. (Im trying go get a nice still air glove boxe or laminar air hood)

  1. What film do you plan on using on the covering of the greenhouses?
    2.Are you guys also going to double film and and air inflate the films. Or that new bubble wrap looking film rolls. That feed into the premade flexible trac? You got me interested and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS! You got my support and ill keep watching. Very cool @devjyarn hey how are doing? Glad to hear this about you wanting to do similar things. I hope you get to this soon!

Unfortunately we were awaiting municipality zoning approval to be able to grow cannabis on our land. That took two public hearings and in consequence, ended up costing us valuable time.

Yes we will be filling for a micro processing licence through an amendment once we are all set up. It is much easier than applying for both at the same time.


We will be using a single 6 mil 4 year greenhouse film.


Welcome! Nice to see another fellow Canadian Grower. I’m in Ontario as well.


The layers of bureaucracy certainly put a damper on these projects. I’m lucky that my city has recently rezoned some industrial land for “urban agriculture”, but the cost is much greater.

I’ll definitely be following your progress, and if you’re open to the idea I’d be interested in touring your facility once it is in operation.


Hi @vince04255!

Organic growing is the future! There is no other way to save our own little home space.

I’ll love to learn everything about growing in living soil for a community project.

Best of luck with your crops!


Absolutely, also feel free to follow the progress on instagram as well, green_culture_verte_inc.


I highly recommend you two books.

Teaming with Fungi: The Organic Grower’s Guide to Mycorrhizae
Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web.

Both by Jeff Lowenfels


Thanks @vince04255, will try to obtain those books. So kind of you.


I built my high tunnel for my vegetable garden so i can seed indoors and transfer to the high tunnel and be ready to plant before mother’s day. I built my greenhouse with agtec brand 12 mill thick film supposed to last 7-14yrs


Health codes building codes just keep up on those and your going to be great!! :seedling::herb::palm_tree:… Congratulations!


@vince04255 I keep looking at the build… :grin::grin:… Great job… Please keep us posted on the rest (lights, media, nutes)… I’m really curious how your power feed will work… If you can store solar that’s a big plus :+1:


Thanks for the warm welcome guy’s. I will definitely be keeping everyone up to date with the construction progress.


We were originally going to go with the 6 mil but now we will be going with the 12 mil anti-condensation film.

Thank you!


That’s great I’m seeing more and more micro producers here in Canada all the time and the market needs it .I feel the big producers are kinda sliding on quality and rushing expansion w little concern for quality flowers.the micro guys are going to take over we want craft quality here in n.s. for sure and I think other provinces are catching on to what real quality is .so much has changed in the modern market all ppl want is true AAA+++ and that not what I can legally buy atm


Nice im glad to help. I love this film. It holds heat resists condensation and is uv treated on both sides! Wow im so glad i could help nice makes my day that i could help!


I wasn’t sure if you were lucky enough to be awarded one of the initial licences before the changes went into effect last spring! Having a fully built site before a licence is granted is such a backwards way of doing it…

I’m in Saskatchewan and have a goal of doing something similar to what you’ve accomplished.

Will you also apply for a processing licence?