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New way to be paranoid or a better marriage?

I friend sent me this article.

The first thing that came to mind is this just paranoid thinking?
Or do you buy one to make your spouse happy and to hell with privacy.

Rumba selling data about homes


I saw that article hit a couple sites this week. Data harvesting is indeed big industry, so I’m not surprised that they’d look at Roomba data if they can get their hands on it. At the very least it gives them a rough idea of square footage of your home as well as the fact that you have the disposable income to spend on domestic robots :slight_smile:


It is more a fact of I will do anything for domestic bliss. 30 years of marriage has taught me one thing. Money spent on the elimination of tasks for your spouse, is money well spent.

If I could hire a housekeeper I would! Except my wife would clean the house first.

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This is sooooooo true

From the voices in my head
Ethan Kayes

The older I get, the more money I have, and the less time, so this becomes ever more true :slight_smile: