Newbie First grow SSH 🤙🏽

Aloha peep’s! Just made 2 weeks into flower, I’m noticing a lot happening, deficiencie’s as you will. Please help a newbie out. First grow, Super silver haze, 3 gallon fabric pot FFOF, Fox trio and soluble’s, pH.6.0-6.8, R.V water filter, ppm.906, E.C 2190, Temps @ 73°F- 82°F, Humidity @ 53%-75%, Mars hydro SP3000 18" from canopy in a 2x4 grow tent. Anymore information will be added to accommodate a recommended solution. Greatly appreciated! Thank’s for looking…:sweat::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4::grin:


This a great reference I always like to give people. It can help alot.

Have you checked your runoff after flushing your medium? Nutrient lockout is very common if you ph is off in your rootzone.


Great information indeed! :100::100::100::dart:

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That’s way too high for your runoff! It should be half that when your flushing your rootzone. I’m going to tag a couple others in to help you out also. @hoppiefrog or @PreyBird1 are just a couple growers here that can really help you out with your problem. I’m alot more experienced in hydro grows.
It’s easier if you stick with either measuring in ppm or Ec. I prefer ec myself. Ppm can vary depending on the formula your pen is using. It can be very confusing.


loooks very nice, how much did you spend to set this all up?


Looking real good now! Your leaves are folded up reachching for that light! I’d still keep an eye on your runoffs and ph, after flushing your rootzone with just h20, no nutes’s. Your going to love your light @Quicksilver808. I’m still waiting for some other soil growers to chime in my friend.