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Newbie fist grow and week 1 of flower

Hi all
Checking in from Western Australia with a question regarding yellowing of fan leaves following the first week of flower. This is an outdoor grow of a stativa dominant plant and I have started flowering nutes with a bit of CalMag
Throughout veg I would pick off a few yellow leaves when I saw them but since flowering has started the quantities of leaves has tripled
Look forward to your feedback
Not sure if photos have loaded


I keep hearing people say nitrogen deficiency. Can start from the bottom. Lower leaves lose nutrients and sacrifice for the plant…


Hello @markp, and welcome to the forum! I would like to help but I don’t know enough. But I can tag a couple of really busy growers that might have an idea.
What do you think, @hoppiefrog, @devjyarn, @deusoboy420, @piper, @Ladithief ? And all the others, (sorry, I can’t name everybody…) :wink:

Good luck @markp. And don’t forget, if you want somebody specific to see your questions or anything you wish, just tag them by adding the @ in front of their names…


That’s 100% correct the plant will take nutrients and sugars from the lower foliage first :wink: it’s a great way to see early deficiencies.i always watch the bottom most.


Feed her and she will come around;)


Ditto, that’s my take also.


Welcome @markp!


Hi, welcome, in 1976 I met an Aussie girl who was on some sort of college trip in Chicago of all places. She brought her film to a camera store I worked in. I was smitten. Lol, thanks for that .

So many factors but a couple things I’ve picked up. I never us full strength notes unless my plants are seriously large. For seedlings maybe 1/4 of the recommended. . I’m a soil/mix guy. Soft soil with plenty of perlite. Guano, worm castings, biochar have made their way into my mix. But sometimes leave them be, to much handling and attention can be stressful.

I read the fires have ended, I hope you were not affected to much.