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Newbie Who needs Help!

Can anyone help me? I’ve recently got everything to start growing I will be growing my plants in a Wilma 4 11L pot system with a 30L res
I’m using Advanced nutrients Micro,grow,bloom I also have

  • AN Rhino Skin

  • AN Big Bud

  • Canna Rhizotonic

  • AN Flawless Flush

I’m just a bit confused with a feeding schedule? Could someone possibly help me I’m gonna be growing autoflowers I wanna pop these baby’s so bad but don’t want to mess up feeding them


hi, feeding schedules confuse me to. But not to worry, Advanced nutrients have created a calculator online to help you customize the M, G, B concentrates. I would pop them now and learn as you go.


You will also probably need some Cal-mag.


I keep Cal Mag on me all the time!!


As far as feeding schedules I follow the calculator that @chrisj linked for you.
I do full strength as soon as I start feeding… but it is recommended to start at a quarter strenght first so you can check to see if your plants like it! :nerd_face:

For the Micro, grow, bloom.
It’s 2ml per liter of water (DON’T PH if you have the Ph perfect formulas).
And the order is reallly important too if you want their chelating ingredients to work. (their word, not mine).
So it’s always : Micro first, Grow second and Bloom last. Depending on the stage of the grow, I also add after all the others supplement I need to.(all AN).

So for 7 liters of water (the size of my watering jug… :nerd_face:) you would add 14 ml of Micro, shake /mix really well, then add 14 ml of Grow, shake/mix well and finally 14 ml of the Bloom. Always mix well between each…

Hope this helps!


Perfect advice @kapouic. Only other thing is dont take short cuts and mix them all together. It does not work.


From what I understand of their “magic” ingredients (the aforementioned chelating agents), if you mixed in a different order, the agents won’t work and the PH will not “correct itself”. The chelating thingamachit things are supposed to help make the nutrients available at the right times if done properly…
I did not do that much research into it yet, but I have been following their advice and always had some really nice buds… Even with the cheap blurples I had before… :thinking:

I believe @Tygrow78 did some serious searching on that exact subject yesterday! Or somebody who he was chatting with… :nerd_face:


If that’s the lineup your going to be using @UK420GROW, you’ll use your 3 part base at first when starting your plants. Add Rhino skin half strength after your 1st set of tru leaves. I’m not familiar with Canna Rhizotonic, is it a microbe? The best time to start adding Big Bud with autos is probably as soon as you see your 1st pistils to get your plant loaded up to start growing flowers. Don’t start using your flawless finish until your done growing your plants. They say it locks your plant’s out so they won’t uptake nutrients and grow anymore. Grower support says your plants still mature tho.
A.N. has an amazing grower support if you want to ask the pros specific questions about their products. I bugged them once a week when I 1st started using there products. Now it’s once a month to clarify something. Their number is on all their bottles. Really great honest guys that answer the phone’s too. Hope this helps friend! :v:


Appreciate it fellas a lot of very helpful info there sorry to bug you guys with a lot of stuff just once I get the hang of it I’ll be less of a pest haha @kapouic @Tygrow78 @kapouic top guys👍🏻 Glad to be a part of this group can’t wait to start,

So this is what I’ve kinda gathered? Correct me anywhere you think I’m wrong

So I’m going to germinate my seeds in Rockwool, I’m going to get my Rockwool and soak the cubes in 5.5PH water for 15 seconds? Or 24 hours? There’s so many people do it differently And then lift it out and shake it off gently, I’m then going to place my seed into the Rockwool cube and cover the top soak with 5.5PH water and leave in a plastic dome, then turn on my 600W LED grow light and keep watering once I see it going dry until it pops out and I can see the first 2 leaves and then I’m going to mix a lite feed and some Rhizotonic in see how it takes the nutrients and once’s the roots are starting to show around the cube I’m going to move them to my Wilma system with clay pellets and the first feed will be 25%? Just slowly build it up


Not a problem friend, that’s what we’re here for @UK420GROW. I haven’t had good luck starting in rockwool. Almost 100% failure to be honest, that’s why I use root riot plugs now. If you have any questions about being successfully starting seeds in rockwool @budtender803 is your man. He had like 100% success rate with his latest grow.


:eyes:not quite 100% :sweat_smile: but pretty close out of 21 beans I had 19 germinate… it being my first time starting the this way… I didn’t do anything special just watch some videos online then gave it ago. I will say I didn’t like the fact that some of the seedlings got stuck in the hole. So in the future I will try getting a tap root prior to putting them in the cube… but nonetheless still a pretty affective method…

For starters I only raised my cubes in distilled water… I had 2 5 gallon buckets I sat them out 24-48 hrs then PhD both… in the second I added a few drops of armor si and rapid start

First duke the cubes 1 by 1 in the first bucket let it drain off
then I duke them in the 2nd but long enough for them take the water in…
After the second duke I let drain off into my propagation tray…
Once all the cubes where in the tray i drain off the excessive water leaving behind a little just enough to cover the bottom of the tray.
I then placed my tray over a heating pad inserting the seeds one by one till all the cubes were filled.
Next I soak one last cube then broke it into pieces to cover my holes some ppl recommended squishing them close but I just preferred to cover them… I was worried squishing then close would get the seedlings stuck and what do you know they still got stuck so not sure what do there, but abt 48-72 later I saw my first sprout pop out others took longer I think be cause they where stuck so I ended up taking them out (risky move) to place the Tap root down… obviously most grew up and out but two didn’t make it… other than that a pretty simple process … Im. using an LED Full Spec light also … I didn’t use my dome until all the seedlings was out and had their first set of true leaves showing but I really don’t think it matter… hope some here helps with your future attempts and I wish you all the success my fellow newbie :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5: Let’s rock these mothers


Unfortunately, I have no experience with Rockwool. @Tygrow78 and @devjyarn know a lot more than me about that…

Actually, everybody knows more than me about Rockwool :rofl: