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Newest Member from Kenya

Hey guys,

My name is Kidete from Nairobi, Kenya. When I’m not working my day job, I like traveling to Western Kenya where they have amazing strains. Feel free to holla if you’re in Nairobi we can sesh


What’s it like in Kenya? Kinda stupid question lol Is it desert or does it have trees and mountains or hills? I’m from california in usa. We have it all here. You can go from surfing in the morning on a sandy beach and take a 2 hr drive and be snow boarding or be dying in the desert by lunch time lol


Hey Sleeperjunky, Kenya is in East Africa just on the equator. It’s mostly sunny and we experience rain from May-July (our winter season). There’s alot of wildlife to see and enjoy because we have alot of forests.

I’ve lived in Nairobi (the capital city) all my life. It’s a metropolitan city and we love everybody. As far as weed, it’s still illegal and the society is also anti cannabis. In the rural areas, people are just laid back and they grow their ganja at home though on a very discreet level


Welcome my man!!


Interesting! I never would have thought your rain season from may- july. I’ve know about places like Australia haing a backwards winter from the northern hemisphere but never thought about near the equator. I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa. That would be a life time

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It’s Called Monsoon Season (3 months of rain) @sleeperjunky


Ahhh that makes sense. We get the tail end of monsoons from Mexico and arizona. It’s nice to have a little rain when it’s so dry and hot in the summer.