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News Flash ...Cannabis Financial Services firm offers

CannaLife Insurance & Financial Solutions offers the cannabis business community and *individuals:

Group Health insurance for 2+ employees.
Cannabis Business funding but not start-ups
Group Term Life - employer or Employee paid
Employee Benefits - Employer or employee paid
‘Key Man’ business life insurance (new and very hot!)
Property & Casualty referrals. Work with 3 national cannabis P & C firms
*Life insurance for admitted cannabis users

I am Ken Kaufman the founder of this company and I am grateful to be able to being my 30+ years financial experience to the cannabis community. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. I am at 623-977-3411 (AZ) or 877-468-6584.





This is a great resource and risk management issue. We’d love to get your message out to our member businesses. Please reach out. gershom.spen[email protected].


Hi Gershom,

I just read your reply and I am sorry for the delay. I just posted some exciting news IMO and maybe in yours too. It was posted in the ‘general discussion’ section here on Growers Network. The bottom line is I have an old &strongly rated life insurer who will (on a a case by case basis) underwrite a life policy or policies for cannabis business planning. Specifically for Buy-Sell and Key man scenarios. To my knowledge, until now this was never available and it is so so so neededonce a cannabis business owner, or partner (s) truly get educated about keeping one’s cannabis bussiness alive, even if they are not! If you want to chat I am at 623-977-3411 and welcome your call anytime.


Ken Kaufman, LUTCF
CannaLife Insurance Agency
O. 623-977-3411
E. [email protected]

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