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NIDO - The AI unit for all the hydroponic cultivation

Hello Growers!

My name is Matteo from NIDOPRO. Congratulations to all of you for sharing your passion on this forum!

From now on, starting soilless cultivation will be easy and fast for every grower!
I desire to introduce you to a new product, available now for the United States, that will help everyone to grow with the hydroponic systems: NIDO.

Our company produces devices for the monitoring and the automation of Hydroponic systems based on IoT and machine learning technologies. You can see the presentation of our product here:

NIDO is able to make every Hydroponic system and grow room fully automated. In other words, NIDO is going to be another grower that works for you 24h, 7 days a week, checking and adjusting constantly the Ec and Ph level of the system (90 times a day!), monitoring humidity and temperature of your indoor garden, controlling with WiFi your grow light, exhaust fan, humidifier and everything you need to make your plants happy.

NIDO is not a simple dosing system. NIDO is a real advanced computer for the control of small and medium-sized Home grow boxes, greenhouses, vertical farming, grow containers, etc…; it is ideal for all hydroponic, aeroponic and systems from 2 to 660 gals of total water in closed circuits. It is managed by a digital platform and allows full control of every function through any smartphone connected via internet.

Some of the main features are:

  • pH control
  • EC / TDS control
  • Management and supply of fertilizers (max three-pack fertilizer)
  • Management and supply of pH- / pH+
  • Water temperature controls
  • Environmental temperature control
  • Environmental humidity control
  • Control and management of LED / HPS lamps
  • Control and management of irrigation systems
  • Control and management of extractor/climate
  • Control water level
  • Control and programming from the smartphone
  • Cloud Data
  • Automatic Formula for growing better
  • AI-driven analytics system
  • Charts in the app

You can check the App video here:

It is designed for all Hydroponics / Aeroponic systems, but it is usable also for cultivations on the soil.

What is your first impression of NIDO? Any suggestion or critics are more than welcome!!
Thank you!

Matteo - NidoPro


Seems pretty bad ass


Thank you!
NIDO can check the values of your reservoir tank every 15 minutes and it adjust the parameters based on your own settings.


Is there a way to adjust the settings without using a phone or other internet connected device?

NIDO can fully automate your hydroponic, aeroponic and irrigation tank systems.
It works connected to internet and the only way to adjust the settings it is using the free app for Apple and Android smartphones.

With the app you can set up the values of pH, Ec, nutrients. You can also control the lights, the fan, the sprinklers and the temperature of your greenhouse thanks to smart plugs specifically created to work with NIDO.

Please let me know what are your concerns using internet and I will be happy to reply with a solution.

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My concern is keeping the system working for several years over the development and out-phasing of wireless technologies, and app development/support.

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Where do we find prices and packages?


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@devjyarn I did see that after I asked lol. Google is a wonderful thing; ~2k


The price for the US market is $1,590.00 (shipping and custom fees included).

This is the brochure where you can learn more:

NIDO-brochure-ENG.pdf (3.5 MB)

If you have any question about NIDO, feel free to contact me.

NIDO will attend the CES fair in Las Vegas in January 2020 as the innovative device for the hydroponic cultivation.

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The system is constantly updated to the latest version.
Imagine your smartphone with the updates. NIDO works in the same way, and this is the reason why it is called Artificial Intelligence (AI unit).

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Below you can view 5 videos of about 60 seconds each, from unboxing to installation of NIDO:


Let me know what do you think!

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I would love to have this product. I have recently been tasked with the setup and operation of 4 different hydroponic systems that will be on display. Something like this would be fun to play with. I am all for AI and optimizing plant growth.

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