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NoCo Denver 2019

1 of the biggest hemp shows of the year.
It is going to be crazy!
Key to Life has 2 humongous announcements at the show stop by both 21 and say hi.
We will have lighters, cozies, sample nutrients, HATS, and product data sheets.
Our Microbiologist and Grow Specialist @kyle Kyle Broge will there.
The CEO Tate Dooley will be doing a presentation on How to be a Successful Hemp Farmer (any size)
TBD time.
KTL will also be doing a panel on Soil and Nutrients Sat March 30th 10:30AM - 11:10AM
There will be small amounts of hemps seeds available.
1 of the Product Specialist Matt Brewer from Guam is coming in.
@mike4 Mike Ballard our Director of Planetary Sales will be with us.
Stop by say hello and meet your local Rep and Grow Specialist.

Kyle M FarmerK