NorCal Ash

Does anyone know if the ash falling from fires in NorCal will hurt the plants? Should they be covered? Will covering hurt harvest? So close! Flowers look amazing so far. I Don’t want anything to go wrong if I can help it

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Hi madmar, it should not cause any problems with ash dropping on the leaves, it will probably just help with flowering and blow off with the wind. But I see you are having huge forest fires in Cali, the heat and hot winds could be a problem.

I know some folks are getting good use out of their leaf blowers up there to knock the ash off.

In addition to keeping unwanted contaminants out of the flower as much as possible, it will help the plant to dust off the solar panels (leaves).


Sorry something to worry about, and as @captblarney, says a leaf blower could come in good use. You dont want the ash to mix with water and become a slurry, it could be very bad for the plant and buds.


That’s why I come here. Thanks for the great idea!

This also works after it rains, just don’t miss the opportunity to have someone stand on the other side while you blow it off for the most fragrant shower ever!