Northeastern USA redbud

So when I was younger I had someone give me some red bud. I was in ct at the time and I can’t find seeds that produce that true red bud anywhere was wondering if anyone was in northeastern USA that has and works with the true redbud from this area. Someone told me it’s everywhere in Vermont but idk.


Hi @danktrees

Interesting, never heard of it and did a quick google search. Not much information either, but this is what I found:

It seems to be a combo of some fine Californian Indicas with a strong cut of Sativa. Nice balance to keep the citrus scent/flavour going. I was told this is Panama Red crossed with California Orange Bud. Nice combo! Source

Several landraces have distinctive red hairs. take for instance here in southern Africa we have Swazi Rooibaart ( Red Beard ). A damn good outdoor smoke.


It sound about right for what I remember taste and look wise. I was young like 15 and my moms boyfriend at the time. His cousin brought it down from main to be trimmed. Got some for trimming. I am looking for seeds of it to add to my seed collection and future breeding projects.


A damn good is an understatement :slight_smile:


@danktrees , I would start looking at getting seeds from the strains mentioned above and testing from there.