Northern Arizona Outdoor Growing

Does anyone have information about growing OUTDOORS around Williams in Northern Arizona?

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Hi @yosmith

Welcome to GN. We have several growers from the area, what specifically are you looking for? Is this a growing related question?

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What type of cover/shade should be used for Northern Arizona outdoor growing

As Iā€™m living off grid and water is scarce, what is the water rate.

Is there a more HARTY type of seed/cutting I should use?

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Heya Yosmith!

Ideally shade cloth or ventilated hoop houses for the hotter months.
Timing of sunlight periods or supplemental lighting/blackouts is a big consideration, as is where you plant. Southern slopes get warmer and drier but get more sun. If you cannot irrigate as often it may be better to find a nice northern or eastern slope to plant.
Hoop houses made correctly can reduce water loss.
Water rate can be low if you irrigate ideally. Try using underground wicks, low flow emitters tucked under mulch etc. - adding things like VPS Flavuh, Yucca extract, other safe wetting agents common in turf will help your water go farther on high evaporation months.

Try sticking with true indica strains or known varieties that consume less water. In my experience the OGs and their offspring can be really good on water usage esp with microbes and good media amendments.

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