Northern lights auto




Thanks , would you say nearly time for harvest , it’s only my 2nd grow so I’m still a beginner.

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What strain is that?

Sadly it’s just my first year as well so I’m not seasoned enough to make that call just yet.

However, I think guys are using a jewelers loup to determine when I they’re “ripe” so to speak.

I think the common denominator is making sure you flush in the last two weeks before harvest.
Cheers and good luck!

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Looking really good!!

NL is a “faster” strain, it can be done in 45 to 50 days, not sure how long you’ve been in flower, but you look like you still need a week or two before chop. Good job! Well done mate!

stay golden …

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Fair one…thanks for the advice to Il have to have a look😊

Been in flower about 4 -5 weeks max I think there abouts Anyways.

Well give yourself a pat on the back, good job :wink:


No kidding, those colas would’ve been in a song had Ray Davies been a grower in 1970.

…I walked up to her and I asked her to dance…


I couldn’t find the way icon to post the photos so my apologies.

I guess you could call this a mini-SCROG. I’m going to take elastic string and make a grind. I’ve already done all the LSTish I’m going to do in the the one the. I had to put the last three in a 7gal container because we can only grow five plants, and I had to at least make it look like I’m in compliance. :sunglasses:
The three new ones are 24K from CK, and the main one was a dispensary bag seed. 36% White 99 or Champion City, I don’t remember which.

The reason I’m using the tomato cages is because we’re staining the deck this week and they’re coming to power wash it tomorrow so I have to be able to move them at a moments notice until all that’s done. It’s certainly not ideal.

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