Not so great at seedlings need any advice

My seedlings are growing slow and yellowing some do good i have a 600w led viparspectra 18” away im my 2x2x3 vivosun tent ambient temp was cold but im trying to keep it at 80 degrees


Hi @wlopez72

Welcome to GN. Your problem might be the cold temps as cannabis likes warm temps ( including soil) to thrive. Cold will slow the growing process down, including the roots. If it cold and growth is slowed, water might sit and cause the leaves to yellow. So as you suggested bring up the temps and see the plants bounce back. Happy growing.


Hello. Welcome. Can you give us some more info?

Water/feed schedule,

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If you start one of these threads (journal), keep all your info on one grow, we can go back and forth and diagnose problems easier for you.

If you make multiple threads on one grow, its much harder to help.

I’d get them up off the floor of the tent

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Try using a peet pod, then plant in decent soil (Happy Frog or Ocean Forest from Happy Farm for example) then lay off of the nuts. Also, I thought red spectrum lights were for the flowering stage and blue is for the vegetative stage.
Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

  1. 80 is too hot. Keep your seedlings around 68 to 75 degrees, excessive heat makes them stretch.
  2. That is some pretty coarse soil for starting seeds in.
  3. I use a seedling starter light, not the main grow light.
    4 Don’t over water them, and don’t feed them until at least the second week.

I use a mix of coco coir, and 25% pearlite in the bottom 2/3 of my seed starting cups. Then i put a layer about an inch deep of pure worm castings, poke a hole in that 1/2" deep and put the seed in, then fill the hole and cover with about 1/4" more pure worm castings. Then I cover with a zip lock bag until they break ground. About 12 hours later take off the zip lock bag water until a little runoff and then leave them alone for about a week, that is plenty of water for a seedling for a week. NO nutrients. There is plenty in the worm castings.

Here’s what it looks like running. It’s more than worth it to have a seedling only light.


Thanks thats awsome ill definetly look into that

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Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my seedlings


What is the soil you are using sir?
What nutrients are you using and how often?


You have any thoughts guys?

It’s really hard to see the true color of your plants with your light on @wlopez72. Try just using your flash on your camera.
You should have your light at least twice that height right now. 36 inches at least. Viparspectra lights have lenses over their led diodes, it’s there way of cheating to increase the par levels.
But it can be harmful to little seedlings at that age.
I’m using my old blurple vioarspectra lights on some seedlings right now. It’s first set of true leaves are pretty much wilted away now, cuz I made the same mistake.

All leds cane be harmful to a plant if it’s too close or too intense, even late in flower. All things I learned from experience.