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Nothing but pollen sacs

2nd year growing, 1st year indoor. I tried cbd this year. Non femalized seeds. Seems to produce nothing but pollen sacs. What’s going on?

The seed is NOT the only, or even the main, determiner of the ultimate sex of the plant.

The conditions given the seed from germination to about the 3rd set of true branches plays a big role in sex of plant.

Don’t take my word for it. There are plenty horticultural white papers out there stating same.

Then you’re doing hemp indoors, which has likely come from seed made OUTdoors over many generation.

Keeping ambient indoor temp no higher than 67-68 degrees max.

Keeping light regimen no more than 18 ON. I find leveraging down to 17 or slightly below works best for me.

Keeping stressors such as over or under watering, over fertilizing, light leaks, etc to a minimum or completely nonexistent.

Not letting your young plants get root bound.

All these things will help to INCREASE a grower’s female to male ratio.

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@erock209. That’s because it’s a male plant.
You did say reg seeds. Males are to be expected.


So the question is… is everyone a male… I am confused at the moment…50/50 60/40 40/60 is expected… but if every one is male… find a new distributor…