Nute burn? What’s going on ? COMMERCIAL GROW

Hello everyone ! Wanted to say thanks to all who helped out in my previous “barnacles” post.

Special shout out to @PreyBird1, hoping for a full recovery from his motorcycle accident. :pray:t2::pensive:

For anyone that can help. I’ve noticed my plants (week 4 bloom) started to have some odd growth.
Since week 2 of bloom the plant fan leaves have all started to fall off by themselves. This of course happens when the leave eventually turns totally brown and goes but the process begins with burning of the tips then circling upwards and browning totally.
Something else I noticed is they would start to yellow heavy, coming in with big brown spots then fully browning and dying.

Feeding schedule
Mills pays the bills, our goal is to get the plants to feed once a day, once a week full feeding with microbes and micronutrients , once a week only 6.0 ph water. Since flower, we’ve only had to feed 1 day on, 1 day off.

Attached are photos from 2 separate rooms
Room 1 is an LED room , gavita pro series and it’s our first led run. The second is doubled ended gavita HPS.

Room 1 LED stats - week 4 bloom
5 gal smart fabric pots GG4, SK, CK
Coco perlite 70/30
Avg temp 80 F daytime @ 100% light , night time no stats.
Avg rH @ 40%

Room 2 HPS stats- week 4 bloom
20 gal smart fab pots , same strains.
Same coco mix
Avg temp ranges from 75-95F @ 100% light , had to turn out lights down to 50% waiting on AC guy as one of our units broke and caused the room to hit a high of 98F for a day , also no humidifiers attaches to room yet so avg rH has been ranging from 25-40 throughout the whole cycle , make note that both rooms don’t have humidifiers yet.

We’ve also had a very mild thrip problem , hit them with attain Tr and pylon tr.
had a bad gnat problem hit them with sns 209 , repelled gnats for a bit but still here full force.

As per my other post , seems to be we’re dealing with a HEAVY scale insect infestation as well. Haven’t done much about that as we’re into mid flower and can’t think of natural remedies to not effect the bud.

Here are the pics , let me know if anyone needs more info. The pics with more of a white lighting and smaller plants is led room. Damn I wish growers network had an ios app :sweat_smile:


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Hopefully this helps. I grow in soil though. What you are seeing is multiple deficiencies. Ca, Magnesium, Zinc and a few others. The leaves don’ really look nute burnt. Your showing heavy signs of heat stress and that temp control shouldn’t have that high of a fluctuation.

In a perfect world +3/-3 or 5 at most. You need better airflow in that room and air in your coco. When I dealt with it my soil was super drenched all the time and low air flow.

Also read up on coco ph might help. I believe perfect ph for it is 5.8 but idk I’m a soil grower.

Also are you monitoring your PPM? You have a bit of undergrowth that can be trimmed. Be careful with that some might hermie due to low light. I usually trim up to the 1st trellis.


thanks for the response , before you did I had the same analysis. Your comment confirmed it.
Im new to this and just hopped on board with some crew.

wouldn’t you agree that his plants look like they aren’t taking in the nutrients? maybe shocked the roots a little?

Here are two illustrations that I share a lot here. I think, if it’s a commercial grow, they would be good to print off, laminate, and put somewhere in the grow area.


Great idea , thank you :pray:t2:

Sup man. Looks like your plants could be suffering from a pest problem. Check your roots for root aphids…Sometimes people mistake aphids for fungus gnats. Theres different types of aphids, so make sure you use a scope and look very closely. I’ve had em before, and I’ve visited rooms with them…If so, use a product called PFR-97. Itll knock em out with the quickness. It’ll also take care of your thrip problem. Hope this helps…


Thanks @danksinatra ! You’re totally right. Check this out under a microscope

Also , can that product be used in coco as well as in flower ? We are week 5 flower right now so Not much we can do :pleading_face:

Good info Dank. So what were the tell tell signs of root aphids? They show heavy nute deficiency. I’m asking because I’ve dealt with other pest just not root aphids or aphids yet nor do I want to.

Info I found on these say they can be a pain to get rid of hopefully the op keeps us updated.


Get preditors, a pack w 3 types of them .one for canopy one for soil surface and one for roots. They will clean up all 3 stages of them at once, no sprays and a healthy harvest;)


This thread has all the info to help with bugs. Has your entire environment and most of the usual responders

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Thanks dude !

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Those pots look very dry on every pic , keep the Coco on the wet side . It could be chronic underwatering . You are doing something wrong on daily base , this is not from some infestation or one time accident .
You sure they did not freeze night time , maybe something wrong with the heater or etc. If they were outside i was gonna say freezing temperatures . Especially those purple top leaves .

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I am only backyard not commercial but a similar recipe has served me well for years and can also be flushed off after use to reduce any flavour to flowers. I would leave spray on for 24 hours then light wash, leave two days then reapply if needed. Depends what your cultivar flower duration is? I wouldnt apply in last two weeks of flower but as your plants have got to this stage with pretty good growth it could be a save? also does look a bit like some overheat combined. i would also pull most yellow leaves off to minimise fugas potential.good luck

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