Nutrient formulation from salts - coco indoor grow

Hello everyone,

looking for some advice to formulate nutrient solution for indoor grow in coco-perlite substrate.
Most fertiliser salts are from Haifa and they have the following recommendation, which seems quite low to me compared with other data I can find on the internet.

This is one analysis of Canna Coco A+B final solution for veg.

Is this one better and how to adjust for flowering phase?

I’m using Hydrobuddy software to calculate amount of salts but need usable PPM data.
Any help or suggestions appreciated!

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hi @Christian_555 , welcome to GN.

Low and slow, each grow environment is different. You will need to test your own setup and runoff to see what is happening to the nutrient uptake by your plants. But best advice is to take the manufacturers advice and even a little less than what they suggest. Also your plants will tell you if they need more or not.