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Nutrition Disorders Of Cannabis Sativa

Nutrition DIsorders of Cannabis Sativa.pdf (3.9 MB)

Key points and questions from the study for discuss :

a)Is it underfeeding realistic ? After complete withheld of one of the elements the plants show first visual signs of deficiency earliest for some elements after 6 weeks , for some after 9 weeks , and Mo disorder didnt develop at all . Is it underfeeding realistic or nutrition disorders are usually result of other factors ?
b)Does all nutrition disorders affect the production/biomass ? Surprisingly only N, K , B , Cu produced significantly less crop biomass .
c)Undervalue the importance of Cu ? Plants with Cu disorder produced 45% less biomass .
d)Overvalue the importance of P ? Plants with visual signs of P had only 0.09% in the plant tissue .

The last is not a surprise the cannabis /hemp nutrition programs are moving drastically cutting the P from their formulas , many studies show the low need of P for cannabis sativa . But we still have on the market expensive Bloom Booster that they harm more then help .


Thanks for posting the study. Really interesting stuff.

I’ll be curious to see more studies that take the plants all the way through flower and report on the effect of deficiencies and toxicities on harvest weight, along with cannabinoid and terpene content.

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@eldindupljak here’s a podcast with one of the contributing oh my authors of that paper. Lots of good info about this and other recent studies.

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Excited to sit and listen . Thanks a lot !

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