I’m currently two years away from completing my Master’s Degree program in Healthcare Administration. I have been interested in working in the Marijuana Industry for some time but have nothing related to that field to put on my resume as I’ll be applying to internships in that field next summer. I have looked at study abroad opportunities but haven’t found one that seemed worth it as far as education goes, just something I could add to that piece a paper.

Do you see Oaksterdam worth it? I would be able to complete two courses as my next two semesters will be fairly light as far as workload.


Hi @ellathins112

Firstly welcome to GN and awesome to hear you close to finishing your masters. Have you considered doing the GN University courses, free and very comprehensive.

The world is your oyster when you have completed such a good degree. Finding an internship wont be hard. I am based in South Africa and the industry is booming here. I can recommend further studies through a local company called Cheeba Academy. They are accredited by one of our local univesities and paving the way for a cannabis industry and learners. They organise internships and help you network in the world of cannabis. South Africa is an interesting place and our cannabis industry is only just starting out. Lots of opportunities.

A local South African did a couple courses at Oaksterdam and always spoke highly of them. Actually two friends, the other started growing weed, then swopped over to microgreens and is successfully growing to this day.