Odor Control Systems - 5,000 SQFT Greenhouse Set-up

Hello all,

I am new to the forum, and have already posted a couple questions, and have been amazing by the professional, knowledgeable responses I have received.

I am in the process of opening up a 5k SQFT facility in MA, and odor control is a big question put worth by our local municipality. I have been looking into systems, but many of them are VERY expensive, and seemingly too high tech for our small operation. I.e. the Piias Odor Control system, which starts at $12k upfront, and costs $0.25/hr to use…

I have heard a bit about biofilters… bacterial wood chips laid on the outskirts of property to attach and dissipate odors.

I don’t think a basic carbon filter would be helpful in our situation as we will be rolling the side-walls up regularly.

I just wanted to reach out and see if I could get any feedback from the Growers Network. Do any of you have any experience with odor control in a greenhouse or outdoor environment? How cost effective can we be?



Hello Bill -

My name is Josh - VP Sales Byers Scientific and Manufacturing. We are currently protecting over 96 ACRES of green house grows in southern California with amazing feed back from the city council and community alike. Our patented technology and science based process is also pending PE certification to satisfy required odor control plans.

CBT article link - [Cannabis Business Times](file:///C:/Users/Josh/Desktop/Desktop/Desktop/BS/Marketing/CBT/CBT%20Full%20Page%20Ad%20SEPT%2018%20v2.pdf)

Website - http://www.byers-scientific.com/

Happy to set up a call or webex to share more about how we keep our clients compliant and their neighbors happy

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just use ozone generators and be done with it. provided you can use them there. otherwise buy a system called airocide. works great.


Hey Bill,

My name is Gary King - Dir of Bus Dev for Plasma Air International. I am attaching a case sutdy done by a grower in Oregon regarding odor mitigation. More than happy to talk with you about our technology and the positive benefits associated, reach out if you’d like.

513-444-0288Cannabis Case Study.pdf (466.3 KB)


Hi Tom,

Your recommendaton for Ozone generators has some caveats. Both the EPA and FDA have warned against exposure to Ozone at levels higher than 50ppb, so if you have personnel in your grow rooms daily with high levels of Ozone there should be concern in regards to health. I know in the casino industry operators are very reluctant to utilize Ozone generators to combat smoke as the risks are too high.


Hi Bill,
Check out Rollie Systems, http://rolliesystems.com. We are local automation experts and just watched a nice carbon system being installed. I can get all the info to you.

-Bill Pierce
Rollie Systems LLC

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There is exsposure issues, well kinda of. Well not too many actually. Depending on evac air systems. Oz gens can be used away from areas humans populate often. Trained personel can learn proper procedures for working in these areas as well. Just like a xray tech. With that in mind a exhust system running UV and Oz gens through a scrubbing system have less smell issues litterly down the road.

As for California rules and regs. I just dont even want to go on a whole rant about that. But I do understand what you are saying. It can be done though and very successfully.