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Office dogs extraordinaires: Nela and Gero



Super cute! These are the home office hounds, Fangbone on the left and Jupiter on the right!

Not pictured is our Akida/Collie, he’s making sure squirrels don’t get any crazy ideas in the trees outside…


I’m sneaking in my cat in here. >.> She’s an office kitty!


Does she only have one eye? She looks just like the kitty I used to have - he lived long and prospered, but I lost him a year ago at age 140. Actually, I don’t know how old he was but I had him for 12 years and he was already about 8-ish when I got him, so he was pretty ancient when he died.


Yes, she was a rescue kitty. The story I heard from the society I adopted her from was that her other eye was unsaveable, and her gums were pretty badly infected too when they found her. She’s missing most of her teeth as a result.

Which is super adorable when she tries to nip you, because she just ends up gumming you. :stuck_out_tongue:


My cat Pan has the same issue, really bad gum disease (he had HORRIBLE breath.) Took him to the vet years ago, they said his teeth literally pulled out by hand when they removed them (yikes.) Today, he is the FATTEST cat you’ve ever seen. Apparently cats just inhale food, the crunch you hear is just teeth getting in the way :rofl: