Ok rosin peeps. Check in on me

Definitely looking for advise as I’m new to this game. Started pressing bud 4 months ago. Went through a lot of product learning but I’m now getting consistent 20%. Sorry I don’t have any pics of pressing. Now let’s get to it. I’m making vapes for the wifey and her friends. Please feel free to tell me if I’m off. Thanks.

starting with 8.4grams of pineapple haze. This is the best tasting stuff I’ve made. So first question what’s best tasting rosing strain? Sunset sherbet also in my list.


heat to 60 to 70 c. Drop in stir bar and slowly stir.


After 2 min or so I speed her up and add terps or this time I’m trying natural liquidizer.

2 ml of this plus 8.4 grams of love rosin gives you 9 plus 1ml vape carts.


So I played with the ratios a little. As usual I shoulda kept my mitts outta it. If you go any stronger it will not flo unless it’s 100 degrees min. Also these are best carts for thick oil that I’ve found. Can’t remember name but it’s adjustable top air flo hickey let’s you hit it like a dab.


My skills go as far as bubble hash @boozer. But I am on a mad extractions whatsapp group and seems like the top extractions are from high terp strains. Scrolling through the group I see lots of Cheese ( buddah and exodus) and also a strain from Ethos, RBX1 v2. A good topic on GN to follow and learn from is

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Perfect. Thanks Chris.