Oklahoma grower

I applied for a commercial grower license in okahoma last saturday. It was the initial application date. I should know if I got it by the end of next week. My wife owns land that we can build on. I’m possibly looking for some investors who have commercial growing experience. Plz contact me for more details. Thank u



Opportunity here if you’re looking for one!


I would love to talk to u about this business…my cell phone number is 9185258281 I’m a cnc machinist and at work but I can txt and I get off at 530pm …my dream is to open a full seed to sale in oklahoma then the us then the world…I want find a partner who has experience commercially. Who can teach me how to become the master grower I can be.


Master grower, currently reside in Arkansas but willing to move. If you’d like send me a pm and we can swap numbers a talk.


My cell number is 9185258281 names Andrew Orange. My company is Happy Cannabis Farms. I am looking for a master grower. I’m meeting some money ppl on Friday. I received my growers license today …so we r all legal …I work as a cnc machinist till I get the grow built but I can txt on break …thanks


@andrewandlibbyorange Congratulations on receipt of your license! We are a Muskogee, Oklahoma based manufacture of fertigaiton equipment and partner with several different environmental controller companies. Please feel free to reach out for design and/or equipment needs for your grow. - Randy Anderson Injectors #AdvancedNutrientDelivery