Oklahoma traveling trimmer and rolling company

Hello fellow enthusiast!
I am new to the cannabis business so please be kind when I seem ignorant.
I am a marijuana trimmer that wants to start a traveling trim company in Oklahoma.
What is the going cost per pound that is charged to growers?
Also… is there a market for traveling rollers at the same time?
Thank you for any advice you can offer.
Passing the joint


It’s like any contracted business, you have to make it viable for the company hiring you. If they make more profit hiring your services than doing it in house, you will do well. If not, they will do it themselves.

It depends on the gross cost to the company. If they pay liability, workmen comp, medical etc. their cost to do in house goes up quick.



Hey @cjrylant

Welcome to GN. No worries about being a newbie, all good, no judgement, just learning. Because you are leaning, consider doing some of our GN University courses, for free. It will give you a better understanding of growing, terminology etc. @Slym3r is in Oklahoma and may be able to help you with the specific details you are asking, lets see what he has to say. Good luck with starting your business, jump in the deep end and enjoy.


so you trim now by the hour/ job for a grower? what do they pay you?

pay you 15 - 20 US dollars an hour to trim if you work for someone

they will need to charge 2 or 3 time your wage to pay you

that my friend should be a winner as processing any crop is almost always

a bottleneck

it in the end is all about what the traffic will bear

ask growers what they would pay

I know someone who was a grower for years in Grass Valley in cali

when Colorado opened up he moved there

bought a small school bus and hired some nice older Chinese Ladies

to trim

became a mobile trimming business and is making more coin than he ever made


all the best and good luck



Grows are paying hourly for wet and by the pound dry.

Ive seen from

Wet - 15 to 20 and hour ( rarely quoted though 150 a pound)

Dry - 80 to 150 a pound

In order to make your employees money they have to trim more than 1 pound a day each.

In order for you to make money as a whole you must ensure collection of the highest price point you can.

Then set your employees on a hourly pay or set up a poundage pay that leaves you some out of their trimmings.

You still have to trim to get the most out of your timeframes to though.

Hire a person that stays at home cold calling or marketing you for 12 bucks an hour. Make sure they close deals or find a new salesperson.


Trimming also takes a bit of practice and experience to be able to trim fast enough to make financial sense without massacring the buds. Whenever I get a friend to help they are slow and need training. I don’t think there is much of a market for hand rolls, the joint packing machines seem to be the main source of pre rolls. Maybe you could source a machine and travel with it as well if it makes sense for you