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Oklahoma votes this month

Oklahoma votes this month to legalize medical marijuana. As an entrepreneur I would like to jump in this business if it passes. So, knowing what you seasoned experts know, what would would you do if you had the chance to jump in on day one? What segment of the industry would you concentrate on?


Everybody wants to plant, make it, protect it, but how are your going to sell it? Dispensary, or retail?. We can and will be the standard of shipping and inventory management, weeding through each state laws

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For anybody curious!


I would say concentrates. I think that is the future. The numbers point that way. Last year in some places on 4/20 concentrates outsold flower. Also look into pesticide removal. If you are interested to discuss more let’s chat.


Oklahoma 788 passed. Oklahomans with a prescription can grow their own at home, so that may open opportunities to help them process it possibly? I also am close to one of Arkansas’s soon to be largest growers. Definitely interested to find a niche so please lets talk further as I’d like to be in the vanguard on this.
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