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Old Grower

Just wanted to introduce myself. Charlie Seeds I started growing in 1971 when I was a young pup. Got out of the game for a little while and started back up about 15 years ago when I moved from Calif to Oregon. Next year I will be opening my first seed company featuring genetics I have been working on for about 10 years. I grow indoors and out I’m a master grower, Have seen a lot and some times you see something new. Example I had some Manitoba poison seeds from Canada. This one seed I cracked was a male. it was very unusual in 1 1/2 weeks it was about 3 inches tall on week two it formed male flowers , on week 2 1/2 it started to drop its pollen. I have never seen a plant do this in such a short time. I tried to preserve it using tissue culture, but it can be hard to save an old plant even though it was not old . but I guess it was old in dog years. I lost the genetic . I do still have more seeds from the breeder so maybe I can find it again . I produce seeds outdoor for plants being grown outdoor , and I have a nice indoor grow for my indoor seed production. Anyway just wanted to say High.


Awesome my friend, that’s sounds like an exciting venture, good luck with your breeding projects :+1::+1:


I would say the same as @mrcrabs so keep up the good work brother. In the end, if everything done properly, you will get an incredible results


Welcome aboard @charlieseeds. It’s stated that to become a Master at something is to be doing the same thing day after day for ten years.
You qualify Farmer. Lol. What a great adventure you’re taking. I know you have much knowledge to share n I personally look forward to hearing about your previous grows n present grows. I’m following you Mang. Thanks in advance for your being here.


What up @charlieseeds

Good you have you around


Awesome man welcome to the gn family


Lots of experience there. I look forward to seeing pics of your setups. We are picture junkies around here. So the more the merrier.


Hi :wave:



Welcome, good to have you.