OlyBoy tries gorilla growing

Yo. The deliberate misspelling was deliberate.

I’m going to try guerrilla growing. I’ve got about [insert number here] UNKNOWN reg seeds that I’ve acquired that I have no intention of ever growing. I spend a lot of time outdoors and I’m about to drop seeds around trails, parks, and places like that.

That being said… the plan is to germinate, and as soon as seeds shows tails, stick them in the ground, somewhere public, yet out of sight. I’m also gonna plant some seeds in my secret woods. I might check on these plants 3-5 times throughout the spring/summer. Obviously, I am trying to be discreet.

So I guess my question is this: What’s the most preparation I can do (in advance), that’s going to give me the best possible percentage of a successful grow/harvest?

I would love a 100% success rate, but that’s not gonna happen. Here’s what I’m thinking…

(1) throw seeds around willy-nilly. (eventually, this could work… but I don’t have THAT many seeds. lol)
(2) go for a walk. find a nice spot. poke a dozen holes in the soil. put a seed in each hole and cover it up and water the seed. maybe water that area once a week until seedlings appear.
(3) same as (2) but plant seeds that have already germinated. and cover the holes with a seedling friendly soil.
(4) grow a bunch of seedlings and plant a few seedlings instead of a bunch of seeds.

I’m probably gonna try a combination of everything. I know a lot of freaking trails. lol.

If you can’t respond, I totally get it. PM me if you want. I’ve had a few folks tell me they want to contribute to the OlyBoy Appleseed project. If you have seeds that you don’t care what kind of park they get planted at… PM me.

My plan is to put seeds everywhere. I just want to know from previous (or current) guerrilla growers, what worked best for you?


Love it @OlyBoy . A couple tips and suggestions.

Germinate the seeds at home instead of just throwing them around your trails ( 4 ) . I would look for some good/hidden spots, you have wild animals to deal with, and other people that might go through your trail. Prep some planting holes, add some soil mix and slow release nutrients. This will give you the best result. Some guys here also use the left overs of a fish ( bones and skin, whole fish if possible ) right at the bottom, compost on top, let this rot and sit for a couple weeks put some planting soil over it and then plant.

Guerilla growing works, but things to remember is good drainage, access to water ( carrying litres of water is a pain in the ass ).

I would love a 100% success rate

With seeds you will hopefully get a 70% success rate unless you planting only fem seeds.


If your close to any state/ national parks those are perfect. Just pick a stream off the beaten path and then follow upstream till you find a nice spot you like(about an hour). Can also bring seeds for natural plants to keep animals like deer and such away, some will even keep humans away.


I’m SO in for this! Can’t wait to see what you decide and how it goes! :metal:


High weight fishing line keeps deer away. They can’t see it. Freaks em the fuck out. :rofl: Used it around my garden when I had a house to keep fat does from eating all my goodies.


good luck with your guerilla grow. along sides pf traol parks is a no go. you need to find some large brair patches. to to center of patch clear it out . do not make a trail that can be easily seen. going to center of brair patches. plant in mother earth not pots. a low fence you can step over will help with varmints.


Time to find out… Johnny Appleseed seeds.

Who’s gonna be a contender?


I’m just looking for a germination percentage at this point. Each seed that germinates will move on to the next round. I’ll do 10 more JA seeds in a couple weeks.


@OlyBoy How is all of this going??