On another note

While I’m waiting for my other plants to flower here are some of my other plants . The two in the back are cherry alien autos and the front two are gg#4 autos .


It will take a bit for me to remember who rows in what. I am going to guess you are in soil? Don’t take this personally. It is just me. but I have been trying to figure out how any one can get a plant this small to flower. I see it more and more. I have stunted an auto so it was only a few inches tall for close to 4 weeks and had it finish as a smaller but ok sized plant. So this kind of confuses me. Will you be journaling this here :slightly_smiling_face:


My thoughts are small grow bags and that way the roots hit the sides of the bags quickly and they take off since they’re in small pots they were flower quicker I believe since they’re autos just my two cents :v:t2:


Im with ya. Any auto ive grown gets about foot and a half tall starts to flower ends up between 3 and 4 feet tall everytime ive had one auto get close to 6 feet tall but it was tall and narrow but i did no training at all to it