On the hunt for CBG genetics!

Hey all,
Given the upcoming USDA regs and their limitation on total THC, growers are on a hunt to find decent CBG genetics. I have a number of strong CBD genetics that are working well in my greenhouse/environment that I want to cross with a CBG cultivar in attempt to find something with a chemical profile sim or better to the CBG parent, but with the other phenos from my existing cultivars.
All being said, I am on a serious hunt for CBG genetics. Anyone interested in hooking me up? I could assist with trialing phenos as well. I would also be happy to share back resulting crosses. I will buy, trade, etc. There are sellers out there with bulk seed, but that is prohibitive for a smaller perpetual operation like I have. Many of those products come with MTAs that restrict cloning/breeding, 5k seed minimums and a super high price tag. Some even expect royalties on the resulting flower sales!
Please message, email, etc if you have anything that might be available…seed, clone, cutting, whatever!


@Bogaat call me on this. I’m currently sourcing this exact order for another breeder friend.